Gene Ganssle Productions:

A New Site is Taking Shape !

G2P is 33 years old.

After 30 years of Production and Performance, Gene Ganssle Productions is getting a much needed Web Makeover!

Construction continues through Spring of 2023.

Our Clients

Because we’ve worked with many clients in many different environments, you’ll barely notice us there. We work primarily for non-profit organizations and will show examples here.

Under Construction

Pro Performance

A Valley Veteran performer, you can see a distilled look at 30 years of Gene’s acting experience in photos and video.

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We’re very proud of our Comedy for a Cause. Postmarked is a great example of what we do for the Community. More of this story will soon be here.

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There’s a lot about our history to share with you, as well as our connections to teaching, production and great causes.

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